“Rodrigo was a pleasure to work with and quickly delivered the solutions we needed."

Evan Williams (Twitter) – hired Rodrigo as a freelancer software developer


“Rodrigo is one of those rare developers who is as much an artist as he is an engineer - a true craftsman. His finely tuned aesthetic for design carries over into his code. He's able to deliver quality work faster than nearly all of the developers I've worked with and gives any team he's on a seriously unfair advantage.”

Michael Buffington – managed Rodrigo directly


"Rodrigo is a Ruby on Rails expert and kept our team up to date with the latest developments and projects in the Rails community. His drive to take ownership of projects and stay connected with our entire team was a critical component of his success as a developer working remotely.

Matt Kelly – managed Rodrigo directly


"Rodrigo was one of the team members from Assembla and later with Hotchalk, and I had the great pleasure of interacting with him. He is a great team player, always ready to help when needed, and won’t hesitate to seek help if he is not clear with something. A joy to work with, and interactions with him are always fun and informative. He has diverse skill sets, like he can bring up a great looking UI, and code the backend equally well. Highly recommended!"

Vamsee Kanakala – worked with Rodrigo as a peer


"Rodrigo is actually one of the most complete web developers I’ve ever worked with. He can do frontend, backend, system administration, project management. Being very curious, he knows everything of RoR, from development to deployment."

Nicholas Wieland – worked with Rodrigo as a peer


"Rodrigo is a solid developer. He improvises when the specifications are thin, and he creates compelling web user experiences. He makes great suggestions; he is diligent and hard working, delivering product features on-time.”

Chad De Pue – hired Rodrigo as freelancer software developer